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Ideation, Design thinking & venture building should be at the heart of every company's agenda for 2022...

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Hi I'm Raad Ajlouni,

a Citizen of the world, a venture builder & digital entrepreneur with over 20.000 clients worldwide. During the last 13 years, ideation has been at the heart of my business, a powerful process that opens the doors to new opportunities & perspectives. Ideation, Design Thinking and Venture Building are the ingredients that every company needs to include in their agenda for 2022. But before doing so, your company needs to adopt the most suitable business architecture and make sure that its workflow process is optimized and suitable for change. So are you ready to take your company to the next level?

Are you using the right tools to optimize your workflow process? are you outsourcing efficiently ? are you exploiting the available tools & SaaS in the market to scale up faster and grow? you would be surprised to see how much time & money companies have saved within weeks after implementing the right approach & solutions.
Ideation, is not only about translating an idea into reality, it's a business architecture that combines innovative concepts, channels and revenue streams, which allows you to open the door to new markets.
Branding is by far one of the most important elements because you can have the best technology, the most suitable business architecture, but if your branding is not appealing enough to your audience or potential prospects then all your results are limited, especially today where customers are very picky in terms of design, features' requirements and high expectation in terms of user experience.
Influencer marketing, is most probably the future of marketing, influencers are the key to your market, they speak the same language as their audience and will know how to transmit the value of your brand. Paid advertising, is of course an option to bring traffic but the right influencers are a source of trust for their audience and conversion will always be higher.

Creative Director & Venture Builder

An image is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 1000 images...
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